“The Big Bang Theory” has kept the guest stars coming.  Last week Sheldon was visited by Leonard Nimoy, as toy version of Spock. This week, Sheldon will do anything to meet Stephen Hawking, real life physicist and author of “A Brief History of Time”. It’s not often that The Big Bang Theory limits an episode to just one major plot, but that happened this time and it wasn’t bad.

When Sheldon wants something bad, he will do anything for it! And Sheldon of course wants to meet Stephen Hawking. So Howard now has control over Sheldon after presenting the possibility of giving one of his academic papers to Hawking was bound to result in some hilarious moments. Sheldon having to shine Howard’s novelty belt buckles , Sheldon dressed in a French maid’s outfit on the other hand, and of course, near nothing on “Big Bang” is more entertaining than Howard’s mother Mrs. Wolowitz and her interactions with Sheldon were the highlight of the episode. But also the scene where Sheldon is peer over a refrigerator while Wolowitz discusses his fate with the rest of the gang was also really sweet.

Best quotes:

Howard: “Why should I do something nice for you?”
Sheldon: “To go to Jewish heaven.”
Howard: “Jews don’t have heaven”
Sheldon: “To avoid Jewish Hell?”
Howard: “Have you met my mother? I live in Jewish Hell.”

Sheldon: “He’s a famous physicist.”
Penny: “Hang on, I know. He’s the wheelchair-dude who invented time.”
Sheldon: “Close enough.”

Sheldon: “I want you to tell me that Howard is being mean to me for no reason!”
Penny: “Fine, Howard is being mean to you for no reason.”
Sheldon: “I knew it!”

Sheldon: (wearing a French maid costume) What are you all staring at? You haven’t seen a man trying to get to meet Stephen Hawking before?

Raj: “Those penile enlargement pills do not work.”
Howard: “Believe me, I know.”

Leonard :”Boy, a restraining order from Stephen Hawking.  It will look so nice next to the ones he’s already got from Leonard Nimoy, Carl Sagan, and Stan Lee.”

Sheldon:“Sweet Sam Houston, I did it.”

Raj:”He begged the Fox network not to cancel Firefly.  He begged the TNT network to cancel Babylon 5.  And, when he got food poisoning at the Rose Bowl parade, he begged a deity he didn’t believe in to end his life quickly.”

Sheldon:”If we squeeze you any tighter, you might turn into a diamond.”

Bernadette:”Sheldon doesn’t know when he’s being mean because the part of his brain that should know is getting a wedgie from the rest of his brain.”

Hawking: “Great.  Another fainter.”

Other facts:

* This is the first episode to feature Stephen Hawking as a guest star, though he was mentioned in the episodes Pilot, The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis, and The Agreement Dissection.

* In The Agreement Dissection, Howard recalls that he said to Sheldon (in Stephen Hawking’s voice), “I wish to discuss your theories of black holes. Meet me at the Randy’s Donut by the airport at 2:00 a.m.” In the episode of this article, Hawking tells Sheldon, “Your thesis that the Higgs boson is a black hole accelerating backwards through time is fascinating.”

* Stephen Hawking’s original singularity theorems from the 1960s and ’70s were written up on the whiteboards on set.