In this episode we had opportunity to see lots of different characters such as Wil Wheaton, Barry Kripke and Stuart. Sheldon got drunk on whiskey and his toast was classic Sheldon, Raj brought back some fun memories from series past an he had lot of funny moments, too. We had Penny/Leonard storylines, but in this episode everything is about Howard  and Bernadette. She was hurt because  Howard never told her about any of his sexual history, and she is ready to call off the whole thing. It is preatty funny episode with lots of neardy moments and you should watch it 🙂 .

Best quotes:

Sheldon: (taking a sip of whiskey) ” Jeepers, that’s yucky!”
Leonard: “It’s a little early to start dropping J-bombs, don’t you think?”

Howard: “I’d be Kanga-Jew, the first of my people to dunk a basketball.”

Leonard: “Hey, Wil! Nice of you to make it out tonight for Howard.”
Wil Wheaton: “ Well, it was either this or another hot tub party at George Takei’s house.”

Sheldon: “Howard, I wish you nothing but happiness. Bazinga! I don’t! Double-Bazinga! I do!”

Howard: “She was my second cousin.”
Sheldon: “And the first person you disappointed sexually — bada-bazinga!”

Amy: “I’m curious what’s bothering you most: the borderline incest, the prostitute or group sex with the girl dressed as the children’s cartoon?”

Sheldon: “I just threw up the bachelor party.”

Amy: “Perhaps you should give him a taste of his own medicine. Do you have a cousin who you find attractive?”

Bernadette: “Zip it, pervert!”

Penny: “I mean the warnings signs were there, this is definitely on you.”

Bernadette: “I heard — your voice, not unlike your mother’s, travels through walls.”

Sheldon: “I wish you could all be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling!”

Other facts:

  • Bernadette’s apartment number is 306.
  • Sheldon refers to Howard as a “good friend,” unlike in The Bozeman Reaction where he referred to him as “a treasured acquaintance”.
  • Penny calls the guys the Lost Boys, a reference to the characters in J.M. Barrie’s famous work, Peter Pan.
  • Raj says, “This grasshopper is kicking my ass-hopper.” In The Love Car Displacement, he said, “these mimosas are kicking my little brown ass.”
  • When the guys are discussing the animals they want to be fused with, Howard and Raj happen to be dressed in clothing with colors matched with the animals they answered; Raj is wearing white for swan while Howard is wearing brown for kangaroo.
  • Howard revealed that he lost his virginity to his second cousin in Season 3’s The Adhesive Duck Deficiency. His tryst with the “Jewish hooker” in Las Vegas occurred in Season 2’s The Vegas Renormalization.