This is from Will’s site, I think it is interesting to read hat is happening on set 🙂

This afternoon, while we were in between scenes during our run through, I asked Kaley and Jim if they’d take a picture with me for the Internet.

I expected Kaley to say yes (she’s all Internetty like I am), and I expected Jim to politely decline (he’s a very private person). I was very surprised when Jim not only said yes, but thanked me for including him.

I was just going to do the “turn the phone around and mush together” picture, but Kaley pointed out that those always look like you just turned the phone around and mushed together, so she got someone to take this picture for us:

Wil Wheaton, Kaley Cuoco, and Jim Parsons on the set of Big Bang Theory

You can see so much about how each of us is on the set in this picture: Kaley and I are goofing off like crazy, and Jim is just quietly awesome. I really love these guys. I’m so lucky they’re my friends. Spoiler alert: Jim and I have some fucking fantastic scenes together in this episode.

LeVar Burton is also in this episode, and when we were at craft service this morning, I said, “Check us out. 25 years later, we’re hanging out together in the morning at crafty. This is awesome.”

LeVar high-fived me and said, “it sure is, W.W.”

And I know I keep saying it, but I’ll say it again: this is awesome. I get to work with people I love making a show that I’m proud of, that is one of the most popular shows in the English-speaking world.

When you love what you do, the saying goes, it isn’t work … so I guess I wasn’t really at work today. I was at … play?

Whatever you call it, I’m grateful for it.