I really liked this episode because it has old big bang charm. In this episode, Sheldon struggles to keep Penny’s secrets, while Amy insists he hold her hand in public. The crew encourages Penny to tell Leonard how she feels about him. Howard is the victim of bullying on the space station, while Raj and Stuart plan to go out on the town.


Sheldon: Call me a romantic. I like to think your Mark Ruffalo is still out there somewhere.

Stuart: Watch out ladies: a little coffee and cream coming your way.
Raj: In case you didn’t follow that, I’m the coffee.

Sheldon: Your desperate need for friendship makes you weak.

Penny: We’re keeping things, you know, homeostasis.
Amy: It’s so cute when she tries.

Sheldon: Penny? Please don’t hurt my friend.
Penny: That is the last thing I want to do.
Sheldon: Thank you.

Leonard: The guy who seems like an emotionless robot … is you, but your relationship with Amy is causing you to transform into a red-blooded man with sexual desires.
Sheldon: That is literally the stupidest thing I’ve heard.

Sheldon: Wolowitz when to MIT. What’s your educational background?
Stuart: I went to art school.
Sheldon: Equally ridiculous. Let’s go.

Amy: Whenever I’m around Sheldon, I feel like my loins are on fire. In the good way. Not in the urinary tract infection way.

Penny: Maybe this is a new, better, boring kind of love.

Bernadette: Being mean is lame. What’s cool is being nice.
Howard: Great. I’ll say that when I want to be the first guy in space to get a wedgie!

Bernadette:  Do you think you’ll ever get married someday?
Amy: In exactly four years. But don’t tell Sheldon, he’s still a flight risk.

Bernadette: I’m basically married to a sexy Buzz Lightyear.

Stuart: I like Mark Ruffalo, too.
Sheldon: Settle down, there, fake Wolowitz. No one likes a kiss up.

Amy: It’s complicated.
Sheldon: String theory is complicated. That’s just yucky.

Sheldon: When I have a feeling, I know it. Trains? Love them. Swordfish? I love them, too. They have a tool for a nose.

Amy: Just don’t tell Leonard anything, or Penny will kill me.
Sheldon: Fine, but F.Y.I., I don’t like secret-keeping. Also, hand-holding? Not a fan. But hammerhead sharks, good. Another fish with a tool on its head.

Leonard: Where exactly did your mother have you tested?

Sheldon: Did you know that while Leonard is not considered tall in our society, in today’s South Korea, he’s downright average. Now there’s a keeper!

Penny: What are you doing here, you weirdo?
Sheldon: Really? I’ve seen strange men traipsing in and out of here for years, but when I do it, it’s weird?