In this episode we have introduction of a new character – Alex, a grad student whom Sheldon has hired as his assistant. Amy is first jealous finding that Sheldon’s assistant is a woman, witch is really interesting to see how she marks the territory. For everybody who love “Lenny” couple we have little twist: After deciding  to break up with Leonard last week, Penny becomes jealous seeing him with Alex and promptly drags him off to have sex. Howard  is still in space, but now he has problems, and Raj, as usual, has problems talking with girls he like or love (Alex). This was one ordinarily episode.


Penny: I’m just a blonde monkey to you, aren’t I?
Sheldon: You said it, not me.

Sheldon: Flattery will not get you this job, Ms Jensen
Ms. Jensen: It’s not flattery, if it’s the truth.
Sheldon: Oh, well, thank you. Welcome aboard.

Howard: They left dogs up here in the 60s.

Amy: Looks like something used by Tinker Bell’s gynecologist.
Penny: Who I hope for her sake is not Captain Hook.

Amy: You were right. I had nothing to worry about. That skank’s your problem, not mine.

Leonard: Mmm, the nurse is a woman, so he couldn’t talk to her. She had to bring him a Grover puppet so he could point at what hurt.

Amy: If my new look leads to phone sex, I’m going to have to ask you to leave the room.