Howard is finally back, but he’s quite annoying with his stories about space (I am glad that we only saw a bit of it, not two weeks of space stories). Any way their costumes were perfect, they were so adorable as Smurfs. I think everybody who ship Lenny was pretty satisfied with episode 5. Penny is more interested about Leonard’s work and that definitely makes their relationship stronger, I think after this episode Penny isn’t going to break up.  Sheldon and Amy came to a compromise about their costumes, which makes Sheldon softer. If we look at first three seasons we now have one new and improved Sheldon. The only thing that I didn’t like was the fact that Raj was again alone, but I hope that will change soon.


Howard: Two weeks ago I was an astronaut.
Bernadette: Yeah, well, now you’re a Smurf. Keep walking.

Amy: I’m Raggedy Ann and he’s Raggedy C-3PO.
Sheldon: It was a compromise. I lost.

Bernadette: Uh oh, is someone a little blue?

Bernadette: No, if I’m there alone, people might think I’m just a really short person from Avatar.

Sheldon: A Tardis makes no sense. It’s a time machine from a science fiction show. It has nothing to do with Halloween. That being said, if you don’t get a Tardis you stink and your party stinks.

Sheldon: Two tea bags in one cup? You’re not at a rave.

Howard: You know, people say the Soyuz capsule was a lemon. But, hey, that baby got me to space and back

Raj: Ain’t no party like a Koothra-party.

Amy: There are certain things that say to the world “I have a boyfriend and he’s not made up.” Matching costumes, hickeys, and sex tapes. Pick one.
Sheldon: What’s a hickey?