Harvey Photoshoot


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  1. Maureen Popp
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 00:38:21

    I was lucky enough to see Jim in Harvey on Saturday July 14 at the 2 p.m. show. It was fabulous. Jim your compassion and sincerity came through. I especially loved the line about your Mother telling you to be either smart or pleasant and you are being pleasant. It meant so much to me when you took the time to come out the stage door and sign our Play Bills. I will treasure mine. I have been watchilng the Big Bang for a few months now and believe I have seen most of the episodes. I watch it constantly. I have an adult son who lives with me who has many many issues. We have much difficulty co-habitating here together. You and the Big Bang are one thing that we have in common. WE watch a few episodes each day and can enjoy them together. That is something very special to me. I told you on Saturday that you are a “Comic Genius” and I sincerely believe that is true. Please know that your kindness can have more impact than you can imagine on so many people. Thank you.


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