Emmys 2012: ‘Big Bang Theory’s’ Jim Parsons celebrates with juice

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Sheldon Cooper might have wanted to celebrate an Emmy nomination with a Settlers of Catan tournament or a pilgrimage to the comic book shop, but actor Jim Parsonshad a much simpler plan Thursday to enjoy his fourth nomination for lead actor in a comedy series for “The Big Bang Theory.”

He said he plans to perform in “Harvey,” the play he’s starring in on Broadway. “I’ll also celebrate with my new favorite drink, a green juice I’m addicted to at a juice bar near me,” he said. “I know it sounds lame, but that’s what I’m doing.”

Parsons has twice won an Emmy for playing Cooper, the uber-nerdy physicist in the hit CBS sitcom, but he said that even going on six years of playing the character, there are still things that remain a challenge.

“The hardest part of playing Sheldon is memorizing the damn thing,” he said. “I’m so grateful we shoot on Tuesday nights. I have all of Saturday and Sunday to cocoon up in my house and recite scientific terms over and over again until they somehow just fall out of my mouth.”

Though costar Mayim Bialik received her first nomination for playing Sheldon’s girlfriend, the rest of the cast was shut out, including Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco.

“I would have preferred to have the whole cast of ‘Big Bang’ nominated,” Parsons said. “But I realize that’s the same thing as a mother saying her child is pretty.”

Luckily, there’s no apparent bad blood between Galecki and Parsons. Not even any friendly rivalry.

“We’re a very peaceful workplace,” Parsons said.

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Emmy nominations


Jim Parsons, Mayim Bialik and The big bang theory have been nominated for an Emmy. Jim Parsons was nominated for Emmy awards in 2009 , winning in 2010 and 2011  for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.  The show was nominated three times before for Outstanding Comedy Series but never won.

5.16 “The Vacation Solution”-Review

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If you didn’t already watched this episode you definitely should! In my opinion one of the best so far in season 5.  Sheldon on vacation ; Leonard  singing ; Sheldon is trying to sneak into work ; Sheldon go on “vacation” in Amy’s lab ; Sheldon apologizes! Wedding planning is moving forward ; Prenup …

Best Quotes:

“You’ve got the brilliant Sheldon Cooper in your lab and are going to ask him to do the dishes? That’s like asking the Incredible Hulk to open a pickle jar.” – Sheldon

“You have no experience in the field of biology.”  – Amy

“I have plenty of experience in biology! I bought a Tamagotchi in 1998; aaaaand, it’s still alive. Let’s do this!”

“I heard Afghanistan is nice this time of the year.” — President Siebert
“Sarcasm?” — Sheldon
“No. You should go.” — Howard

“Hawaii is a former leper colony on top of an active volcano where the disappointing ending of Lost was filmed. Maholo for nothing, Hawaii” — Sheldon

“I’m so glad you talked Howard out of having your wedding invitations in Klingon.” — Penny
“Turn it over. I’m hoping my relatives think it’s Hebrew.” — Bernadette

“I’m excited to work with my boyfriend. It’s going to be romantic.” — Amy
“Way to kill the mood.” — Sheldon

“That’s not an apology.” — Amy
“That is your opinion.” — Sheldon

Other facts:

The Vacation Solution” was watched by 16.06 million people, down from last week’s the record audience of 16.54m, and scored a 9.7/6 rating in households. The Big Bang Theory finished second behindAmerican Idol in total viewers and households. The Big Bang Theory was the night’s most-watched and highest-rated scripted program.