Rihanna is definitely got some serious projects in the works. The entertainer has a new album, a new fashion show, and Rihanna is readying for a tour. Now fans find out she is working with Jim Parsons on a new movie. Sharing a moment with Jim in studio, Rihanna gave everyone a look at her work setting on Friday as she was voicing an animated film.

“Worked with the very talented Jim Parsons today #animationLife,” tweeted Rihanna from her official Twitter account. The entertainer included a link to her picture with Jim Parsons.

While the details of Happy Smedkay haven’t been released, the fans have learned quite a bit from the entertainer. According to Rihanna, she won’t be in the movie with a fake accent. Instead she will be talking just like she does in everyday life. While that sounds normal to regular folks, usually voice over work means having an accent or projecting the voice. Apparently for Rihanna’s job all she needs to do is speak!

Taken from http://www.examiner.com