Zach Braff launched his Kickstarter project for a film he hopes to star in and direct.

“After I saw the incredible way Veronica Mars fans rallied around Kristen Bell and her show’s creator Rob Thomas, I couldn’t help but think maybe there is a new way to finance smaller, personal films that didn’t involve signing away all your artistic control,” Zach says.

His film, a dramatic comedy called Wish I Was Here, was co-written by Zach and his brother, Adam. It follows a father/husband/struggling actor in his 30s, and Braff says it serves as a thematic sequel to his acclaimed first feature, Garden State.

In just a few hours, the film has raised more than $250,000.  Braff persuades us to donate by posting a great pitch video (featuring Jim Parsons, Donald Faison and Chris Hardwick), teasing a cool soundtrack and even revealing a portion of the film will take place at Comic-Con.

Incentives to donate include T-shirts, early access to the soundtrack, advance screenings, signed merch, opportunities to appear in the film and more.

“I promise I’ll put everything I have into it, and I won’t let you down,” Zach says.

The Kickstarter ends May 24.